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Cordova Electron 3.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
06 Sep 2021

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova Electron 3.0.0! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building Electron applications.

Release Highlights

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove electron
cordova platform add electron@3.0.0

To install:

cordova platform add electron@3.0.0

Some of the notable breaking changes & new features in this release are:

  • The Electron core dependencies have been updated.
    • Electron: 14.0.0
    • Chromium: 93.0.4577.58
    • Node: v14.17.0
    • V8: v9.3
  • Node.js 10 is no longer supported. This release requires the development environment to have Node.js 12.x or higher. It is recommended to use the current LTS, which is 14.17.6 at the time of this release.
  • Cordova Plugin Support

    In the earlier releases of Cordova Electron, we didn't have a proper plugin system in place.

    There was a temporary workaround solution, nodeIntegration, that allowed app developers and plugin developers to have access to node modules. This was meant to be temporary and is not highly recommended because it can lead to security issues.

    With the new support, the plugin will be preloaded and runs in a separate context from the web app. This feature is known as Context Isolation.

    Additionally, this system follows our pre-existing plugin structure. This means the app code does not need to make any special calls for Electron vs any other platform.

For a quick start guide and in-depth configuration setup, please check out our Cordova Electron Documentation!

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:

Project Dependencies

  • cordova-common@^4.0.2
  • electron@14.0.0
  • electron-builder@^22.11.7
  • electron-devtools-installer@^3.2.0
  • execa@^5.1.1
  • fs-extra@^10.0.0

Breaking Changes

  • GH-205 feat!(Api): remove unused locations data
  • GH-203 feat!(electron): bump to 14.0.0
  • GH-202 feat!: remove old VERSION file
  • GH-199 feat!: update node support
  • GH-198 feat!(dependencies): update other packages
    • execa@5.1.1
    • fs-extra@10.0.0
    • jasmine@3.9.0
  • GH-197 feat!(dependencies): bump Electron packages
    • electron-builder@22.11.7
    • electron-devtools-installer@3.2.0
  • GH-175 breaking: add plugin support


  • GH-200 feat: update supported platform options
  • GH-184 feat: forward Electron's process stdio to terminal


  • GH-183 fix(npm): change prepack script to prepare
  • GH-180 fix(windows): Electron window not displaying
  • GH-182 fix: restrict deep merging on reserved keys
  • GH-172 fix(pkg): typo in field "keywords"
  • GH-169 fix(Api): do not depend on globals

Refactor Changes

  • GH-181 refactor: use class static


  • GH-201 chore(asf-license): add to header
  • GH-171 chore: clean up package.json

Test & Other Changes

  • GH-194 build: build cordova.js on prepare
  • GH-204 test: cleanup and remove unneeded code
  • GH-90 test(create): fix, clean up & extend