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Cordova Android 10.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
20 Jul 2021

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova Android 10.0.0! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building Android mobile applications.

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove android
cordova platform add android@10.0.0

Release Highlights

  • AndroidX Only Support

    In this release, we have completely migrated to the AndroidX library and no longer support the Android Support Library. All plugins that continue to use the Android Support Library will need to be updated to reference the new AndroidX library.

    If plugins have not been updated, you can still use the cordova-plugin-androidx-adapter plugin, which can be used to migrate the legacy references to the new AndroidX references.

  • WebViewAssetLoader Support

    By default, the WebViewAssetLoader is enabled and allows apps to serve their content from a 'proper' origin. This will makes routing work easily for frameworks like Angular.

    With no additional configurations, the app content is served from https://localhost/. You can configure the hostname by setting the preference option hostname.

      <preference name="hostname" value="localhost" />

    The scheme, https, is not configurable by nature.

    Please note that this is a breaking change that will cause data associated with the file:// scheme, such as cookies, local storage, local cache, and web-based databases, to be lost. You will need to handle the migration of data. If you are unable to migrate the data at this time, you can revert this setting by setting the AndroidInsecureFileModeEnabled preference flag.

      <preference name="AndroidInsecureFileModeEnabled" value="true" />

    Setting this flag will keep the content on the file:// scheme, which Google reports to be insecure.

  • Android App Bundles aab Support

    By default, release builds will now generate an aab formatted package type for release.

    By nature, aab packages can not be deployed or pushed manually to a device for testing. If you need to test a release build, you will need to change the package type back to apk with the packageType flag.

    Debug builds will continue to create an apk formatted package.

  • Tooling and Default Support Bump

    • Target SDK (targetSdk): 30
    • SDK Build Tool: 30.0.3
    • Gradle: 7.1.1
    • Kotlin: 1.5.20
    • Android Gradle Plugin (AGP): 4.2.2
    • Google Services Gradle Plugin: 4.3.5
  • Node Support

    Since Node 10 is no longer being supported by the Node.js team, we have dropped support for Node 10.

  • Java 11 Support

    With the current release of Android Studio 4.2, the Android tooling can now support running on Java 11. Please note that this does not mean you can start compiling Java 11 source code.

Please report any issues you find at!

Notice of Issue

There is a known issue for users or plugins that enable the Google Services Gradle plugin.

We are preparing and aiming for a patch release vote within the next three days.

Full Changelog


  • GH-1052 feat!: only support AndroidX
  • GH-1137 feat!: implement WebViewAssetLoader
  • GH-1268 feat!: release build defaults to aab package type
  • GH-1182 feat!: bump target sdk@30 w/ build-tool@30.0.3
  • GH-1257 feat!: upgrade gradle@7.1.1
  • GH-1197 feat!: upgrade gradle@6.8.3
  • GH-1256 feat!: upgrade kotlin@1.5.20
  • GH-1204 feat!: upgrade kotlin@1.4.32
  • GH-1200 feat!: upgrade kotlin@1.4.31
  • GH-1255 feat!: upgrade android-gradle-plugin@4.2.2
  • GH-1232 feat!: upgrade android-gradle-plugin@4.2.1
  • GH-1198 feat!: upgrade android-gradle-plugin@4.1.3
  • GH-1199 feat!: upgrade Google Services Gradle Plugin@4.3.5
  • GH-1262 feat!: bump appcompat@1.3.0
  • GH-1258 feat!: bump android.webkit@1.4.0
  • GH-1252 feat!: drop abandoned com.github.dcendents:android-maven-gradle-plugin
  • GH-1212 feat!: unify & fix gradle library/tooling overrides
  • GH-1138 feat(allow-list)!: integrate and refactor core plugin
  • GH-1201 feat!: upgrade jfrog gradle-bintray-plugin@1.8.5
  • GH-1279 chore!: bump all dependencies
  • GH-1278 chore!: drop node 10 support
  • GH-1205 chore! (npm): update all dependencies
  • GH-1274 cleanup!: remove deprecated settings & add todo comments
  • GH-1048 cleanup!: remove keystore password prompt
  • GH-1251 cleanup!: drop jcenter & update dependencies
  • GH-1269 refactor!: do not copy JS lib to platform project
  • GH-1270 refactor(Api)!: use version from package.json
  • GH-1266 refactor(run)!: run method
  • GH-1083 refactor!: drop support for android SDK tool
  • GH-1100 refactor!: remove most platform binaries


  • GH-1241 feat: remove java 1.8 version check
  • GH-1254 feat: support webkit version override
  • GH-1229 feat: CORDOVA_JAVA_HOME env variable
  • GH-1222 feat: add backwards compatibility mode for WebViewAssetLoader
  • GH-1166 feat: overload PluginEntry constructor to set onload property
  • GH-1208 feat: allow appcompat version to be configurable
  • GH-1047 feat: Deprecated onRequestPermissionResult in favour for onRequestPermissionsResult for consistency


  • GH-1283 fix: add missing apache-license header to getASPath.bat
  • GH-1275 fix: add WebViewAssetloader to default allow list
  • GH-1216 fix: request focus after custom view hided
  • GH-1264 fix: missing super.onRequestPermissionsResult error (MissingSuperCall)
  • GH-563 fix(build): support tilde expansion on Windows
  • GH-1220 fix(requirements check): use regex to get java version from javac output
  • GH-1227 fix(prepare): delete splash screens if none are used
  • GH-1228 fix: java checks
  • GH-1276 fix: remove forced default gradle.daemon setting


  • GH-1265 refactor: do not infer project root from script location
  • GH-1267 refactor: use target SDK of built APK to determine best emulator
  • GH-1253 refactor: gradle cleanup
  • GH-1260 refactor(check_reqs): drop originalError param from check_android_target
  • GH-1246 refactor(env/java): improve tests and implementation

Chores & Cleanup:

  • GH-1273 chore: remove old VERSION file
  • GH-1272 cleanup: delete old ANT & Eclipse files
  • GH-1141 cleanup: remove app cache settings

CI, Build & Testing:

  • GH-1218 ci: Add Node16 to CI matrix
  • GH-1271 build: build cordova.js during npm prepare
  • GH-1207 test(AndroidManifest): update theme to Theme.AppCompat.NoActionBar
  • GH-1263 test(check_reqs): do not hardcode DEFAULT_TARGET_API
  • GH-1259 test(prepare): factor out common vars