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Cordova Electron 2.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
02 Oct 2020

We are happy to announce that we have just released Cordova Electron 2.0.0! This is one of Cordova's supported platforms for building Electron applications.

Release Highlights

To upgrade:

cordova platform remove electron
cordova platform add electron@2.0.0

To install:

cordova platform add electron@2.0.0

Some of the notable breaking changes & new features in this release are:

  • The Electron core dependencies have been updated.
    • Electron: 10.1.2
    • Chromium: 85.0.4183.98
    • Node: v12.16.3
    • V8: v8.5
  • NodeJS 6 and 8 is no longer supported. This release requires the development environment to have NodeJS 10.x or higher. It is recommended to use the current LTS, which is 12.18.4 at the time of this release.
  • DevTool extensions can now be added to debug builds to improve debugging capabilities. GH-160
  • Support for using the custom scheme and hostname preference flags is now available. It can be easily configured in your Cordova project by setting the preference options scheme and hostname in the config.xml file.

      <preference name="scheme" value="app" />
      <preference name="hostname" value="localhost" />
  • Support passing of Electron arguments to the cordova run command. This is useful to pass the inspect flag to debug the main process.

For a quick start guide and in-depth configuration setup, please check out our Cordova Electron Documentation!

Please report any issues you find at!

Changes include:

Project Dependencies

  • cordova-common@^4.0.2
  • electron@10.1.2
  • electron-builder@^22.8.1
  • electron-devtools-installer@^3.1.1
  • execa@^4.0.3
  • fs-extra@^9.0.1

Breaking Changes

  • GH-162 breaking: use platform config parser
  • GH-152 breaking: bump electron & electron-builder
  • GH-151 breaking: bump cordova-common@4.0.1
  • GH-145 breaking(npm): update dependencies
  • GH-142 breaking: restructure the platform lib code
  • GH-138 breaking: remove platform-centered workflow
  • GH-69 breaking: drop node 6 and 8 support


  • GH-160 feat: install devtool extensions for debug builds
  • GH-154 feature: support custom scheme & hostname
  • GH-148 feat: support Electron arguments on run command
  • GH-112 feat: move ci to gh-actions
  • GH-81 feat: Support Loading Local HTML Files or Remote URL in the BrowserWindow


  • GH-156 refactor: remove more platform-centered files & update code
  • GH-153 refactor: cleanup unused code
  • GH-129 refactor (create): simplify project creation
  • GH-124 refactor: transform for
  • GH-123 refactor: transform template strings
  • GH-122 refactor: transform object shorthand
  • GH-121 refactor: transform arrow functions & arrow returns
  • GH-120 refactor: transform var to let/const
  • GH-116 refactor: remove shelljs and update tests
  • GH-118 refator: replace shelljs/spawn with execa
  • GH-113 refactor: eslint setup


  • GH-158 fix(build): format top-level key for nsis-web
  • GH-136 fix(npm-script): prepack

Chore, CI, & Test

  • GH-168 chore: bump dependencies & related usage
  • GH-165 chore: bump dependencies to latest
  • GH-164 chore: bump Electron related dependencies
  • GH-147 chore: various cleanup
  • GH-144 chore(npm): bump @cordova/eslint-config@^3.0.0 w/ lint fix
  • GH-125 chore: configure app rel dependencies as abs paths
  • GH-117 chore: update Electron dependencies
  • GH-128 chore: update package.json
  • GH-114 chore: update jasmine dependency
  • GH-110 chore: bump version to 2.0.0-dev
  • GH-96 chore: fix typo
  • GH-67 chore: update development dependencies
  • GH-68 chore: bump Electron dependencies
  • chore(asf): update git notification settings
  • Update
  • GH-157 ci: add node 14 to workflow
  • GH-146 ci: update workflow
  • GH-141 test (node-12.16.x): fix failures caused by shebang and rewire lint
  • GH-131 test: refactor with minor fixes & improvements