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Goodbye PhoneGap
By: The Contributors of Apache Cordova
14 Aug 2020

Goodbye PhoneGap

Adobe recently announced that PhoneGap is shutting down. How is Cordova affected? In short: not much.

Rest assured, Apache Cordova is still active and maintained!

We want to take this opportunity to thank Adobe and the PhoneGap team for all the blood, sweat, and tears they have put forward into designing and building these tools, services, and community. Without them, hybrid mobile apps would not be the same.

Today, we are in the fortunate position that Cordova is an Open Source Software, which is entirely maintained by the community. PhoneGap originally started as an open-source project by Nitobi Software in 2008. Nitobi Software was acquired by Adobe in 2011 and shortly after donated PhoneGap to the Apache Software Foundation as Cordova. Apache Cordova, which was a core tool of Adobe PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build for the past nine years, will continue to thrive as long as the health of the community remains strong and contributions are made. If you use, have used, or looking to start using Cordova, also consider contributing and taking part in this awesome community to help it grow.

We, the community, and contributors of Apache Cordova would like to sincerely thank Adobe and all of the PhoneGap team members for everything you have put into this hybrid mobile community and sharing Cordova to the Apache Software Foundation so it can continue to grow and prosper.

The Contributors of Apache Cordova