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Cordova Common 4.0.0 Released!
By: Bryan Ellis
30 Mar 2020

We are happy to announce that cordova-common@4.0.0 was released in March 2020. This is one of the libraries used behind-the-scenes by nearly all of the Cordova tooling and provides utilities for dealing with things like config.xml parsing.

Release Highlights

The most notable changes in this major release are:

  • GH-94 fix: PluginInfoProvider for scoped plugins
  • GH-90 chore: drop node 6 and 8 support

As Node.js 6.x and 8.x support has been dropped, we have raised the minimum required Node.js version for this release to 10.x.

Changes include:

  • GH-140 breaking: bump all dependencies to latest
    • bump fs-extra@^9.0.0
    • bump @cordova/eslint-config@^3.0.0
    • bump jasmine-spec-reporter@^5.0.1
    • bump Github Actions actions/checkout@v2
  • GH-139 chore: various cleanup tasks
  • GH-138 chore(dependency): update dev & non-dev dependencies
  • GH-137 refactor: transform var to let/const
  • GH-136 ci: final migration to actions
  • GH-85 style: improve line spacing & group like items
  • GH-124 fix(ConfigFile): correctly resolve *-Info.plist file path
  • GH-135 fix(ConfigFile): Normalize globbed file paths
  • GH-134 test(ConfigFile): minor improvements
  • GH-121 feat(CordovaError): support for error cause & more
  • GH-133 refactor(ConfigParser): cleanup & simplify
  • GH-132 refactor(PluginInfo): cleanup & simplify
  • GH-131 refactor(misc): cleanup & simplify
  • GH-130 refactor(ConfigChanges): simplify
  • GH-128 refactor(xml-helpers): DRY & simplify
  • GH-129 fix: broken lock file from #95
  • GH-127 refactor(munge-util): DRY & simplify
  • GH-95 TEST: Test using GitHub workflows for CI
  • GH-125 test(ConfigFile): group & cleanup tests
  • GH-126 chore!: remove main export mungeUtil
  • GH-123 refactor: FileUpdater
  • GH-119 refactor: use ES6 classes where applicable
  • GH-118 refactor: use template strings where applicable
  • GH-116 refactor: use property shorthand notation
  • GH-115 refactor: transform var to let/const
  • GH-114 refactor: do not alias this
  • GH-113 refactor: use arrow functions where applicable
  • GH-120 refactor: move CordovaError module up
  • GH-117 refactor(CordovaError)!: remove unused features
  • GH-111 chore: remove support for ubuntu platform
  • GH-109 chore: consolidate eslint configs
  • GH-108 style: drop jasmine env workaround
  • GH-105 refactor: eslint setup
  • GH-107 test: always run code coverage during npm test
  • GH-106 ci(travis): run codecov using npx in after_success
  • GH-103 chore: bump production dependencies
  • GH-101 chore: update jasmine dependencies & config
  • GH-100 chore: replace instanbul w/ nyc
  • GH-102 chore: drop unused & unneeded dependencies
  • GH-104 chore: improve npm ignore list
  • GH-96 feat: Replace addProperty with ES6 getters
  • GH-71 chore: update strip-bom@4
  • GH-90 chore: drop node 6 and 8 support
  • GH-97 Use Array.prototype.find in CordovaError
  • GH-93 Re-apply fix for failing CordovaError test
  • GH-92 Remove obsolete JSHint comments
  • GH-87 Convert CordovaError to ES6 class