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Cordova iOS 5.0.1 Released!
22 Apr 2019

We are happy to announce that Cordova iOS 5.0.1 has been released! This release fixes various bugs related to Xcode 10.2 simulators and Cocoapod support.

To upgrade:

cd my_project
npx cordova platform remove ios
npx cordova platform add ios@5.0.1

To add it explicitly:

npx cordova platform add ios@5.0.1

Curated Changelog

  • GH-596 More logging for simulator selection and deployment
  • GH-540 Fix copy-www-build-step without shelljs
  • GH-589 Bump ios-sim dependency version to fix simulator listing
  • GH-577 Don't write spec to podfile when it's an empty string
  • GH-535 Run prepare with the correct ConfigParser
  • GH-581 Null check for missing pathname
  • GH-566 Override id with ios-CFBundleIdentifier
  • GH-450 Fix deadlocks in iOS 12 when UIWebView loadRequest is called multiple times
  • GH-546 Fix setting of target-device to handset in combination with plugins and resource-file
  • GH-560 Fixing dynamic framework installation path
  • GH-528 ignore Swift version settings of Cocoapods library on non-macOS environments
  • GH-542 Enabling Defines Module flag