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Cordova Android 6.4.0 Released!
09 Nov 2017

We would like to announce that Cordova Android 6.4.0 has been released!

This release now uses the latest Android Gradle plugin that was released with Android Studio 3.0.

Due to the recent changes Google made to Android Studio, Cordova Android now requires that Gradle is installed as a standalone dependency for Android development on all platforms. You can do so by following these instructions at
We will be removing the code that uses Android Studio to provide Gradle as a dependency in the near future.

Google also has changed the Gradle DSL used and currently support for the Crosswalk WebView is broken in this version of Cordova as a result. Unfortunately, since Crosswalk is no longer supported by the Crosswalk Project, we do not know whether this issue will be fixed.
If you require support for Crosswalk, we recommend that you continue using cordova-android 6.3.0 at this time and avoid using or upgrading your project with Android Studio.

To upgrade:

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform update android@6.4.0

To add it explicitly:

cordova platform add android@6.4.0

What's new in Android

  • CB-13289 Fixing build problems with Studio Three, but keeping Windows Gradle fix for now, will be deprecated
  • CB-13289 Fix test to work with new Google Android Gradle DSL
  • CB-13499 Remove duplicate "setting" in error strings
  • CB-13406 Fixed AVD API level comparison when choosing sub-par API level match. Added tests for the best_image method.
  • CB-13404 add Android-versions to bundledDependencies. Ignore best emulator selection when parsed AVD information does not include API level in the target

Cordova iOS 4.5.3
31 Oct 2017 - By Suraj Pindoria

We are happy to announce a minor version of Cordova iOS 4.5.3...


Plugins Release
10 Nov 2017 - By Steve Gill

The following plugins were updated today: cordova-plugin-battery-status@1.2.5 cordova-plugin-camera@3.0.0 cordova-plugin-contacts@3.0.0 cordova-plugin-device@1.1.7 cordova-plugin-dialogs@1.3.4 cordova-plugin-file-transfer@1.7.0...