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Cordova Android 6.3.0 Released!
27 Sep 2017

We are happy to announce that Cordova Android 6.3.0 has been released!

This release now targets the latest Android API level of API 26 and has fixed issues related to the Android SDK Tools 26.0.2 release. Google changed how the Android emulator was executed, causing errors when deploying to the emulator.

This release contains the integration of cordova-plugin-compat, so please remove that plugin from projects once you update to this version of cordova-android.

To upgrade:

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform update android@6.3.0

To add it explicitly:

cordova platform add android@6.3.0

What's new in Android

  • CB-6936 fix crash when calling methods on a destroyed webview
  • CB-12981 handle SDK 26.0.2 slightly different AVD list output for Android 8+ AVDs. Would cause "cannot read property replace of undefined" errors when trying to deploy an Android 8 emulator.
  • Updated maven repo to include most recent lib versions
  • CB-13177 Updating to API Level 26
  • Revert CB-12015 initial-scale values less than 1.0 are ignored on Android
  • CB-12730 The Cordova Compatibility Plugin is now integrated into cordova-android
  • CB-12453 Remove unnecessary double quotes from .bat files which are the causes of crash if project path contains spaces
  • CB-13031 Fix bug with case-sensitivity of Android-packageName
  • CB-10916 Support display name for Android
  • CB-12423 make explicit JDK 1.8 or greater is needed in the README, we require 1.8 for compilation, but do not have 1.8 Java features yet
  • CB-12605 In Windows get Android studio path from the registry
  • CB-12617 : removed node0.x support for platforms and added engineStrict

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