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Apache Cordova iOS 3.8.0
25 Feb 2015

UPDATE: To deploy to iOS devices, developers will have to update their ios-deploy dependency to the latest release. Run npm install ios-deploy -g to download the latest release of version 1.4.0.

We are happy to announce that Cordova iOS 3.8.0 has been released!

This release has various bug fixes, and will be the default iOS version when the cordova-cli 4.3.0 is released. This release also requires Xcode 6.

To upgrade:

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform update ios

To add it explicitly:

cordova platform add ios@3.8.0

For non-CLI projects or for pre-3.0 projects, refer to the upgrade guides.

What's new in iOS

  • CB-8436 Remove more bad quotes from build command
  • CB-8436 Remove unneeded "" when composing xcodebuild arguments (closes #130)
  • CB-8084 Allow for a way to disable push notification delegate methods (through xcconfig). Style fixup using uncrustify.
  • CB-7606 handleOpenURL not working correctly on cold start (handler not evaluated yet) and warm start
  • CB-8435 Enable jshint for iOS platform
  • CB-8417 moved platform specific js into platform
  • CB-8336 Remove plugin prefs from iOS defaults.xml
  • CB-8254 Enable use of .xcconfig when building for emulator
  • CB-8351 Deprecate all non-prefixed class extensions
  • CB-8358 Make --link an alias for --shared plus some code simplification.
  • CB-8197 Convert all bash scripts to node.js (closes #126)
  • CB-8314 Speed up Travis CI (close #125)
  • CB-8036 Don't exclude bin/node_modules from npm pack (via .gitignore)
  • CB-7872 Fix CODE_SIGN_RESOURCE_RULES_PATH being set wrong in xcconfig (closes #120)
  • CB-8168 cordova/run --list support for iOS (closes #122)
  • CB-8044 support for --nobuild flag in run script
  • CB-6637 Removed - request:isFragmentIdentifierToRequest: deprecated method in CDVWebViewDelegate (closes #121)
  • CB-8002 (CB-7735) Update cordova.js to include bridge fix
  • CB-5706 convert some of the bash scripts to nodejs (closes #118)
  • CB-8506 Use npm version of uncrustify in cordova-ios (devDependency only)
  • Have CordovaLib classes import CDVJSON_private.h rather than CDVJSON.h
  • Trim down checked-in node_module files to minimal set

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