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Apache Cordova Windows & Windows Phone 3.7.0
06 Nov 2014

We are happy to announce that Cordova Windows & WP8 3.7.0 has been released!

This release has various bug fixes.

It will be available in the next cordova-cli release (Cordova CLI 4.1.0), which is expected in a few days.

To upgrade (once CLI update is released):

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform update windows

To add it explicitly (available now):

cordova platform add windows@3.7.0
cordova platform add wp8@3.7.0

For non-CLI projects or for pre-3.0 projects, refer to the upgrade guides.

What's new in Windows

  • CB-7731 Catch cli missing args error
  • CB-7493 Adds space-in-path and unicode in name tests for CI
  • CB-7656 Fixes list-devices and list-emulators commands
  • Fixes msbuild failure after Windows project creation
  • CB-7617 Add partial match support for --target
  • CB-7666 Merge node_modules and move to package root
  • CB-7666 Move stuff outside of Windows subdir
  • CB-7617 Deploy on WP8.1 incorrectly handles --target name
  • CB-7601 Build fails due to capabilities with m: prefixes are incorrectly sorted
  • CB-7520 copy MRT images defined in config.xml
  • CB-7520 .appxbundle package format support
  • CB-7520 Refine image names, use wildcard to include MRT images
  • CB-7494 Fixes wrong replacements in *.appxmanifest files
  • CB-7452 Rewrite ApplyPlatformConfig.ps1 using NodeJS
  • CB-7377 Removes unnecessary rules tracing which is also incorrectly handled by PS

What's new in WP8

  • CB-7843 Fix angular routing on WP8
  • CB-7616 Add partial match support for --target
  • Let CordovaView respect DisallowOverscroll preference
  • Optionally supress inertia scrolling
  • CB-7618 Fix WP8 build due to missing node_modules
  • CB-7616 Deploy on WP8 fails to run specific target
  • CB-7493 Adds space-in-path and unicode in name tests for CI