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Apache Cordova 3.3.0
16 Dec 2013

On Friday, Cordova 3.3 went live on npm. Woohoo!

This release brings with it initial support for Ubuntu Touch as well as Amazon Fire OS!

To upgrade: (replace android with the platform you want to update):

npm install -g cordova
cd my_project
cordova platform update android

For non-CLI projects or for pre-3.0 projects, refer to the upgrade guides.

What's new in Android

41 commits from 11 authors. Highlights include:

  • CB-5481 Fix for Cordova trying to get config.xml from the wrong namespace
  • CB-5487 Enable Remote Debugging when your Android app is debuggable.
  • CB-5445 Adding onScrollChanged and the ScrollEvent object
  • CB-5422 Don't require JAVA_HOME to be defined
  • CB-5490 Add javadoc target to ant script
  • CB-5471 Deprecated DroidGap class
  • CB-5255 Prefer Google API targets over android-## targets when building.
  • CB-5232 Change create script to use Cordova as a Library Project instead of a .jar
  • CB-5302 Massive movement to get tests working again
  • CB-4996 Fix paths with spaces while launching on emulator and device
  • CB-5209 Cannot build Android app if project path contains spaces

What's new in iOS

  • No significant Changes

What's new in Windows Phone 7 & 8

  • CB-5360 Removed Compiler warnings
  • CB-4538 Copy check_reqs scripts in create script
  • CB-4103 Make config parameter checks case-insensitive WP7+WP8
  • CB-2347 Add support for config.xml preference: 'fullscreen'
  • CB-5203 Using on WP8 raises a TypeError
  • CB-5435 Handle missing preferences gracefully ( config.xml )
  • CB-5354 Networking becomes a required permission so that XHR can work
  • disable Idle detection when debugging for wp7+wp8

Windows Phone 7 is now deprecated! Consider upgrading your projects to Windows Phone 8 as we will be dropping support completely in version 3.7.0 Read the retrospective here:

What's new in Windows 8

  • CB-5040 cordova run windows8 has no effect

What's new in BlackBerry 10

  • CB-5434 Windows: Always use USERPROFILE for home directory
  • CB-5443 Windows: Handle installed 64 bit Java
  • CB-5468 Improve config.xml encoding handling
  • CB-5509 Remove ability to set default target (since device detection is now used)
  • CB-5510 Update response codes for plugin success/fail
  • CB-5413 Device detection - iterate through all 169.254.x networks
  • CB-5317 Move signing warn logic to build/run scripts
  • CB-5258 Use exit library for process.exit

What's new in FirefoxOS

  • No significant Changes

What's new in Cordova-CLI

  • CB-5347 Handle dangling platform symlink in cordova platform add
  • Added deprecation notice about wp7
  • Updated plugman version to 0.17.0
    • CB-5238 Adds support on iOS for <framework src="..." custom="true" />
  • CB-5573 relies on stderr content and error codes to detect a problem with xcode installation.
  • CB-4382 Pass cli arguments to project-level hooks
  • CB-5362 blackberry parser: support local cordova-blackberry
  • CB-5345 Add pre_package event for windows8 parser.

Plugin versions tested with this release

  • cordova-plugin-battery-status: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-camera: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-console: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-contacts: 0.2.6
  • cordova-plugin-device: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-device-motion: 0.2.4
  • cordova-plugin-device-orientation: 0.3.3
  • cordova-plugin-dialogs: 0.2.4
  • cordova-plugin-file: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-file-transfer: 0.4.0
  • cordova-plugin-geolocation: 0.3.4
  • cordova-plugin-globalization: 0.2.4
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-media: 0.2.6
  • cordova-plugin-media-capture: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-network-information: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-splashscreen: 0.2.5
  • cordova-plugin-vibration: 0.3.5

Apache Cordova 3.3.0 RC1
06 Dec 2013 - By Steve Gill

The Apache Cordova team has just released the first release candidate for...


Plugins Release: Jan 2, 2014
02 Jan 2014 - By Andrew Grieve

The following plugins were updated today: org.apache.cordova.battery-status@0.2.6 org.apache.cordova.console@0.2.6 org.apache.cordova.contacts@0.2.7 org.apache.cordova.device-motion@0.2.5 org.apache.cordova.device-orientation@0.3.4...