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How do I add a new plugin to Plugin Search?

If you want your Cordova Plugin to show up in search, simply add the ecosystem:cordova keyword to the package.json file of your plugin and publish it to npm registry.

How can I tag supported platforms for my plugin?

Similar to ecosystem:cordova, platform support too uses keywords. Just add the platform name prefixed with "cordova-" to the plugin's list of keywords. E.g.

    "keywords": [

My plugin is in but I want to publish to npm. How do I do that?

  1. Optional Decide if you want to change your plugin’s id. If you decide to change it,
    1. Update the id in plugin.xml and update your readme with the new id.
    2. Send a pull request adding your new id and old id to Cordova Registry Mapper.
    3. We integrate that module into the Cordova CLI to warn users to use the new id when adding plugins to their projects.
  2. Add a package.json to your plugins,
    • Note: To keep things simple, please make sure your id in plugin.xml is the same as your package-name in package.json.
    • Use plugman createpackagejson [PLUGIN DIRECTORY] to create package.json.
      • This will create defaults based on existing values in your plugin.xml.
      • It will also automatically add the keyword ecosystem:cordova to your newly generated package.json file.
      • In addition, a cordova key will be added to your package.json which we plan to use in future updates of the tooling.
    • View the package.json of cordova-plugin-device to see an example of what your package.json should look like after running plugman createpackagejson [PLUGIN DIRECTORY] command.
    • Plugins still require a plugin.xml to be installed into Cordova projects.
  3. Publish your plugin to npm using the npm publish [PLUGIN DIRECTORY].

Are there any additional documents to assist me with plugins?

Yes there are. Please take a look at the Plugin Development Guide for a more detailed guide.

I don't like X. How can I help improve the website?

You can help improve this site by opening bugs on JIRA or by sending PRs on GitHub.