Apache Cordova 3.2.0 RC1

Posted by: Steve Gill

13 Nov 2013

The Apache Cordova team has just released the first release candidate for Cordova 3.2.0! Barring no hiccups, we will be aiming to release the final version later this week. Now we ask you, our community, to please download and help us test! We want this to be the most solid release yet!

Installing cordova for the first time:

npm install -g cordova@3.2.0-rc.1

Updating your current version of cordova:

npm update -g cordova@3.2.0-rc.1

Example of updating your current cordova android project to the latest version:

cd cordovaApp
cordova platform update android

Issues can be reported at https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CB

We will release a changelog with the offical 3.2.0 release when it ships!